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Fiber Channel Transceivers

Fiber Channel Transceivers

Sopto’s 2G, 4G, 8G and 16G Fibre Chanel SFP transceivers, which can compatible with different brands

Fibre Channel is a technology for transmitting data between computer devices at data rates of 2G, 4G, 8G and 16G. Fibre Channel is especially suited for connecting computer servers to shared storage devices and for interconnecting storage controllers and drives. Since Fibre Channel is three times as fast, it has begun to replace the Small Computer System Interface (SCSI) as the transmission interface between servers and clustered storage devices.

A fill product information
Part No. Description DataSheet
SPT-P134G-10D 1310nm 10km 4G SFP transceiver module SPT-P134G-10D PDF DataSheet Download
SPT-P134G-30D 1310nm 30km 4G SFP transceiver module SPT-P134G-30D PDF DataSheet Download
SPT-P154G-40D 1550nm 40km 4G SFP transceiver module SPT-P154G-40D PDF DataSheet Download
SPT-P154G-80D 1550nm 80km 4G SFP transceiver module SPT-P154G-80D PDF DataSheet Download
SPT-P854G-S5D 850nm 500m 4G SFP transceiver module SPT-P854G-S5D PDF DataSheet Download
SPT-P854G-S3D 4G SFP Module 850nm 300m MMF transceiver module SPT-P854G-S3D PDF DataSheet Download
SPT-P858G-S3D SFP+ 850nm 8G 300m Module [DDM] SPT-P858G-S3D PDF DataSheet Download
SPT-P138G-02D SFP+ 1310nm 8G 2km Module [DDM] SPT-P138G-02D PDF DataSheet Download
SPT-P138G-10D SFP+ 1310nm 8G 10km Module [DDM] SPT-P138G-10D PDF DataSheet Download
SPT-P158G-40D SFP+ 1550nm 8G 40km Module [DDM] SPT-P158G-40D PDF DataSheet Download
SPT-P158G-80D SFP+ 1550nm 8G 80km Module [DDM] SPT-P158G-80D PDF DataSheet Download


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