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Can I order online?

No, we don’t sell directly via our website. Email us your request and one of our sales staff will contact you promptly within 12hours.

What is the warranty on the parts you sell?

All parts sold by SOPTO meet all of the manufactures specifications and carry one year warranty. Some customized products could carry up to three years warranty.

What is your minimum order?

To achieve customers's satisfaction, we accept sample order, even one Piece

Do you ship internationally?

Yes, we can ship anywhere you would like. If your order is paid by T/T, and Western Union we can ship it via our delivery forwarder or on your shipping account number, to ensure you are getting the best rates and this allows you to handle the export/import taxes.

I placed an order who do I call to get tracking information?

Our sales staff that you placed your order with, he/she will provide you with tracking information by email and over the phone.

How do I know Sopto parts are good?

We currently are an approved vendor/a gold supplier for Alibaba. We have a number of testing facilities at our disposal and have on-site counterfeit screening capabilities. Our reputation has been built on providing quality parts and customer service you can count on. High Reliability: MTBF 3-5years.