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1310nm Gigabit Ethernet Mode Conditioning Cable

Author: SOPTO

Mode conditioning cable is designed for Gigabit Ethernet multimode applications at 1300nm wavelength; the application standard is IEEE 802.3z. All mode conditioning fiber optic patch cords are made with duplex cable; with a single mode to multimode offset fiber connection part in one of the two legs.

Here is the reason we need to use the mode conditioning patch cord: the Gigabit Ethernet application standard requires the use of fiber optic light to achieve the specified data transmitting rates. Usually people use long wave transceiver modules for Gigabit Ethernet, these modules have to operate both single mode and multi mode fibers. And as we know, multimode fiber manufacturing techniques create index of refraction anomalies along the centerline of the multi mode fiber core. When a highly concentrated single mode fiber optic light is sent into the center of a multimode fiberglass, the modes that propagate through the index of refraction anomalies spread out in time causing modal dispersion, this effect is called differential mode delay. Differential mode delay results in reduced bandwidth over distance. By allowing the single mode laser launch to be offset away from the center of the multi mode fiber the mode conditioning patch cord reduces the effect of such differential mode delay.

From the above descriptions we learn how to use such mode conditioning cables: when we use such mode conditioning fiber optic patch cords, we need to connect the yellow leg which is the color of single mode to connect the transmit side of the equipment (single mode Gigabit transceiver) while we connect the orange leg which is the color of multimode to the receive side (Multimode Gigabit cable plant).

Mode conditioning fiber optic patch cord is used typically when you want to run Gigabit Ethernet (LX) over some multi mode fiber optic plant. SOPTO mode conditioning fiber optic cable is compliant with IEEE 802.3Z standard.

We supply various kinds of mode conditioning fiber optic patch cables; they are with optional length and connector types as well as cable structure. Our mode conditioning patch cords fiber cables are SC, LC, ST, FC, MTRJ, etc terminations, they are with fast delivery and competitive prices.

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