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Collective Purchase of China Mobile 100G OTN Network Initiates Price War

Author: SOPTO

12/30/2013, after collective purchase of 100G OTN at the beginning of this year and supplement collective purchase of 10G OTN in September, early this month, China Mobile officially launched 10 phases of 100G OTN network collective purchase in stem network. This collection is divided into three net sections of East network, West network and northeast network, all use OTN system based on 80 x 100G, across more than 80% provinces autonomous regions.


As the third time China Mobile collective purchase of 100G system this year, what overcome the think of industry is, with scale so large. According to sources, the size of this collection purchase can be up to 8500 boards, 3 times of China Telecom 100G collection purchase "biggest ever"  which has just come to the end, 2 times of the total size of four times collective purchase of three operators. More things that industry did not see, with the price war so tragic, which let entire optical communication industry chain tremble for it.


Data shows, from 1990 to now, Internet traffic growth is at an average annual rate of more than 40%, more than the growth rate of optical communication, if we don’t make major changes, it will cause capacity crisis in the next few years. 100G has been widely accepted in the world as technology innovation and network upgrading direction.


This year can be said as the first Chinese year of 100G commercial. At the second half of 2012, China Mobile launched the large-scale collective purchase of OTN, at the same time, relates 100G OTN collective purchase for the first time. Entering 2013, China Mobile opened a prelude to Chinese 100G collective purchase, and also promotes the construction of global 100G into a new era.


100G trial network including China Unicom, this year three big operators started five 100G in total, three of them belongs to China Mobile. Message indicates, 100G collective purchases of China Mobile has reached 1500 boards at the beginning of this year, and has made a supplement collective purchase in September. Before this, industry indicates, according to China Mobile 100G network planning, next collective purchase will reach a size of as high as 5000 boards. No one expect that this collection can directly jump to 8500, dishing out a super attractive big cake to the industrial chain.



Of course, this mass collective purchase of 100G country network has the dual background of network deployment and operations. Network ideas of China Mobile is from 10G one step in place upgrade to 100G, directly deploy 100G system based on OTN. This idea has been proved to be feasible, previous 100G collective purchase locates mainly in province network, and country network upgrade will also take mode of one step in place to “get going and go all out”.


In addition, China Mobile has already obtained TD-LTE license plate in December 4th, and plans to build 500 thousands of TD-LTE base stations by the end of next year, realizing 340 city commercial, and 100millions sales of TD-LTE intelligent mobile phone. The future applications and mass data of TD-LTE will put forward higher requirements on the bearing capacity of backbone network. Also, China Mobile has obtained hard link business license, network operating pressure of the whole business forces China Mobile to undertake large-scale upgrade on backbone network, 100G large-scale construction is as the coming of rainstorm.

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