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Do you want to save your cost by our QSFP+ solution?

Author: SOPTO

With the increasing demand for bandwidth, the copper cable interconnection is not popular anymore because of bulky connectors and cables; EMI electromagnetic interference problem; weight management and limited transmission distance, so the parallel fiber has become the alternative of the parallel copper cable interconnection application.
The short-distance QSFP+ AOC (Active Optical Cable) is used for the application of InfiniBand and Ethernet. It is a high efficiency integrated cable assembly product which faces to the interconnection application of short distance and multiple channel data communication. Each signal direction has 4 data channels, achieving the 40Gbps bandwidth in a single module; and each channel can work at a rate of 10Gbps.

Compared with other 10Gbps serial scheme, the QSFP+ scheme improves port density more than two times, and saves more than 50% power consumption, help the system integrated companies to reduce the unit cost of each connection port. To purchase the QSFP+ AOC, please contact us by the live chat tool on our website.

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