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IEEE 802.3 Standard 10G EPON 1 Gbit/s Separate Wavelength

Author: SOPTO

The Ethernet PON standard 802.3ah-2004 was ratified as part of the Ethernet in the first mile project of the IEEE 802.3. EPON uses standard 802.3 Ethernet frames with symmetric 1 Gigabit per second upstream and downstream rates. ONU and OLT are two main parts of EPON transceiver, so you can call EPON SFP transceiver as OLT SFP transceiver or ONU SFP transceiver.
OLT SFP Modules or ONU SFP Modules are applicable for data centric networks, as well as full service voice, data and video networks.
10G EPON was ratified as an amendment IEEE 802.3av to IEEE 802.3. 10G EPON supports 10/1 Gbit/s. The downstream wavelength plan support simultaneous operation of 10 Gbit/s on one wavelength and 1 Gbit/s on a separate wavelength.

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