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Optical Communication Industry Opportunities Come From Insistence

Author: SOPTO

7/23/2013, there comes a crazy expert rumor that one optical device company boss run away with money, leaving a heap of helpless employees and suppliers for the local government to clean up the mess. We can’t make connection with the high-level the company now, but can only get some information from a number of subordinates.


Before the company makes a formal statement, we have no interest in how much authenticity the rumors have. We can just hope that there will be no such a thing in our industry. We also want to send a message to colleagues, that optical communication industry opportunities come from insistence.


Fiber optical online reported China communication industry has more than 10 years history, it has seen ups and downs of many companies. Sometimes we ask as well, what kind of company can succeed?


In fact, that company would have had many opportunities. One industry veteran wrote as following in the letter to us:

This is a typical industry reshuffle that comes cross industry capital traction, completes a great leap forward within just 3 years to, industrialization produce, wide coverage product line, and has mainstream customers of domestic.


Benefited from the crazy growth of China PON market, this company is like a rising star.

Indeed, this seems a promising company. Not only we, but also many media have done ebullience reports to them. So why do they today face such results not brilliant enough?

More he wrote when he made analysis of the company problems: " with spirit of newborn calves are not afraid of losing, this company took part in the Dutch act type competition in PON market, made a great contribution for fiber to the home cause of China Telecom and majority of the people with none money making. Business that needs losing money to make advertise was original gambling, you need to have enough chips, or need to have bluff. The question is whereby do they participate in this no bluff gamble? Where does Blind Chinese type confidence come from?"


The opinion this friend is that they should not compete with low price, or with no core advantage. In fact, in our view, low price competition is not the root of all problems. Core advantage can be accumulated slowly. In China optical communication history, similar companies began with low price competition are not in minority, but all the ones that insist on can came to successful transformation, went on right track. Didn't this company think so initially?


We interviewed many industry bosses of their view in face of market downturn, they always like to say mighty wave crashing on a sandy shore, market downturn will vibration showstoppers, will left real enterprise. Then, whether a company is the simply showstoppers, or the best success, everything depends on its investors, managers, and its employees.

We wish that this company can come out of trouble and rumor. We hope that more enterprises can learn from it, learn to stick to the end, no deserter.

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