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The advantage of GPON technology

Author: SOPTO

GPON (Gigabit-Capable PON) technology is a new generation of broadband passive optical access standard based on ITU-TG.984.X.

With the wide bandwidth, high efficiency, large coverage and rich user interface, GPON is considered as the ideal technology to realize the broadbandization and integration of access network business by the operators.
The basic structure of device based on GPON technology is similar to the existing PON. It is composed of office end OLT (optical line terminal), client’s ONT/ONU (optical network terminal or optical network unit), the ODN (optical distribution network), SM fiber, splitter and network management system.
Compared with other PON standard, GPON standard offers an unprecedented high bandwidth, and its downlink rate can up to 2.5Git/s, whose asymmetry adapts the market of broadband date services.

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