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The hot spot in this year's ECOC

Author: SOPTO

The hot spot of this year ECOC still has 100G; and many companies launched coherent 100G modules. In addition, the CFP2 module is also popular.
Finisar in the ECOC 2013 displays the industry's first 100GE-SR4 CFP4 optical transceiver module, which realizes the operation level fiber link transmission of up to 100 meters.
Oplink also shows a 100G MAN DWDM CFP transceiver, 10x10G 40km CFP transceiver, long distance 100G LR4 CFP2 and the new multicast switch, WSS, amplifier, passive devices and other transceiver in the ECOC 2013. In addition, the other one of the highlights of this year's CFP2 ECOC. For information about fiber optical communication, please pay attention to our website.

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