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The market status of 40G fiber optic transceivers

Author: SOPTO

The 10G market has had several evolution, from the 300 pin package (LFF) to the 300 pin small outline package form (SFF) then to the smaller fixed wavelength plug-in XFP, finally evolved into today's tunable XFP Module.
40Gbps is in the status of 10Gbps market in two or three years ago, namely each supplier has its different package types and modulation.
At the same time, designers are constantly shrinking the existing 40G optic transceiver module size, committed to substantially increase the system capacity.
The 7x5 inch 300 pin LFF transponder needs to be equipped with its own card, so a 40G link requires two system cards: one for the short arrival rate of the client interface, another for the line side transponders.

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