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Part No. Description
SPT-PC4503-120D CWDM SFP 1450nm 155M 120km DDM Module
SPT-P3103-02D SFP 1310nm 155M 2km DDM Module
SPT-P856G-S3D SFP+ 850nm 6.25G 300m Module
SPT-P136G-10D SFP+ 1310nm 6.25G 10km Module
SPT-P136G-40D SFP+ 1310nm 6.25G 40km Module
SPT-P136G-02D SFP+ 1310nm 6.25G 2km Module
SPT-P858G-S3D SFP+ 850nm 8G 300m Module [DDM]
SPT-P138G-02D SFP+ 1310nm 8G 2km Module [DDM]
SPT-P138G-10D SFP+ 1310nm 8G 10km Module [DDM]
SPT-P158G-40D SFP+ 1550nm 8G 40km Module [DDM]
SPT-P158G-80D SFP+ 1550nm 8G 80km Module [DDM]
SPT-SFP+SR SFP+ 10G SR 850nm 300m Module
SPT-SFP+LR SFP+ 10G LR 1310nm 10km/20km Module
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Warranty Period

1-3-Years Warranty: Sopto’s products have a twelve months warranty to thirty-six months warranty since the date of purchase respectively. This limited warranty only extends to the original purchasers of Sopto’s products, cannot be transferred to others.

Free Technical Support

If any problems occur during installation or operation, please contact Sopto technical support center before sending the products back for maintenance. Sopto technical support hotline:

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